Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bingo and the pool

This Bingo at Lake Ashton  should be for the residents only, not the people on the outside!  Why are they charging so much to buy the bingo cards?  Where are all this money going?  Why is Bingo not paying state taxes on the concession stand?  Why are they in much trouble with the state?  You people will never know because you just don't give a damn and you can't read it in the L A Times.   More employee's must be hired at the gate because of all the Bingo players driving in.  Bingo should be for residents only not for outside residents.  Now you  have a security guard in the pool area, you are now enjoying your time at the pool and this security guy comes up and ask for ID.  What a community this is.  It's for all the people in the area.  This is a  Public community, not a private one.  Sorry folks, I don't make the rules.  Because you bought your home here doesn't mean it's a great community.  You can't walk freely in Lake Wales without getting mug. Even living in this community you home is a target for robbery.