Saturday, April 6, 2013

Letter to Barbara Follett

You are indeed the biggest jerk and the most hated person in the most corrupted community in Florida.  The developer steels his animals heads,  MX is still active,  lawyers are paid for doing nothing, money missing, not a private community,  Residents must pay for repair of public roads, Bingo Paul steels from Bingo players,  No place for motor homes to park, No one goes to meetings anymore,  When you move in you are told this is a private community, lies and more lies, on and on and on.  Stay where you are, crooks love crooks,  What else can you steal?  Where I am more than 40-50 homes are being build under contract.  This place is 100% private, for residents only.  Lake Ashton is the best place to lied to residents, everyone is welcome.   Homes are being broken into, yet you people shut- up about this.  All they do is lied and steal.  I was talking to my friends here and believe me they don't want you here.  We have free coffee every morning, free pop corn at Bingo.  Only $5.00 for cards.  Jackpot is $250.00 for residents only.  How much is Bingo stealing?  Did Bingo Paul take you out to lunch Barbara Follett?  What have you done for this community?  NOTHING,  but bitch, bitch and give residents a very hard time.  You are the lowest type of resident in Lake Ashton.