Saturday, April 6, 2013



Wonder why so many are reluctant to hold Paul Pontious and the HOA BOD accountable - it is because many are, or were, HOA Board members.  

Who were they?  Let’s start in June 2006 when Bingo became the responsibility of the HOA to the present:
          · Paul Pontious
          · Tom Scali
          · Jake Eaton
          · Bill Gabler
          · Keith Stevens
          · Shirley Curtis-Ference
          · Sonny Robinson
          · Margot Stevens
          · Jack Van Sickle
          · Bill Follett
          · Nancy Kennedy
          · Ron White
          · David Akers
          · Carol Hansen
          · Steve Mattox
          · Jacki Perez
          · John Castelli
          · David Ross,
          · Dan Perry (lawyer)
All of these people have known that as of June 2006, EXACTLY who owned and who was responsible for the Bingo operation.  To make things worst, they were taught how to run Bingo legally by Jessie Ayers but still these Board members clearly refused to follow the law.  

If that doesn't get  your attention, how about that many were also heavily involved in Bingo, either in its running or as volunteers, and their elections were backed by Bingo Funding. Consider the current ONLY four people running for the remaining 4 seats on the HOA BOD - ALL have been closely associated with Bingo and its misuse of funds.  

For example, Frank Ota, LAVA Commander, PROMISED the Residents of Lake Ashton, that the veterans memorial would NOT cost the Residents of LA anything.  Remember that pledge?  However, not only did Frank Ota received funds from Bingo, he has never paid the CDD for its use of the LA electricity grid; it is the CDD who is responsible for paying all bills for our community, and Frank Ota never paid the CDD a single penny. 

This wasn’t an accident.  As you know many of us have been talking to the HOA BOD for several years now about this issue, and HOA BOD continue to profess they did nothing wrong AND that we simply didn’t know what we were talking about.  The HOA BOD, as recently as 14 Nov 2010, stated as public policy that ‘they’ had investigated the Bingo issue and no wrong doing occurred.  It’s hard to now say ‘opps’ made a mistake or ‘didn’t know’ once law enforcement got involved. 

So, do we believe the HOA BOD when they stated in their 14 Nov 2010 policy letter that they did an investigation etc and there was no wrong doing OR do we believe them now when an outside light is shinned on them OR do we believe what the public records tell us, OR do we believe Dan Perry, the HOA lawyer who signs the same song as the HOA?  OR do you believe your own eyes when you read the documents that tell the true story?

A group of us have been attempting to educate the Residents as to what is really going on – our information and concerns is backed by public records, documents etc, yet who is marginalized, harassed with death threats and demonized by those who do not want the truth to be made public  .. it is we, the few whistle blowers are the ones who are demonized by those who do not want the truth uncovered.  Such intentional hostile and targeted hate mongering has now made Lake Ashton a hostile living environment for those who attempted to bring this issue to the attention of the HOA several years ago.

Think about it – 3 years ago IF the HOA BOD did their job and corrected things, this issue would have been long over.  All the Board members involved are educated and highly educated, some even have degrees in Criminology etc .. in short, the HOA board members aren’t stupid.  The Bingo laws are written VERY clear so that anyone who can read can understand them.  So why the cover up and the intentional harassment of a few who were attempting to right a wrong?

Since 11 Jan 2011 when the PCSO stated that there were NUMEROUS crimes committed, the HOA BOD still hasn’t publicly, personally or in writing, apologized to those of us who were telling the truth.  The omission of an apology from the HOA BOD, who are highly educated people, further highlights their contempt and arrogance.

It takes a bit of due diligence, but I encourage all residents to read the HOA minutes from 2006 to present.  They will see who held elected positions and knew how to run Bingo correctly yet they intentional turned a blind eye. 

If anyone wants to review the records I have, please contact me to discern for yourself, and not what your neighbors, friends or what the HOA BOD told you.  See for yourself, from public records alone, what the HOA BOD has known about Bingo since 2006.  When you get done, I am sure you will see this entire situation differently.

Rich Earl
(863) 326-1977