Saturday, March 30, 2013

This new community

We can place a for sale sign in front of our house in our new community.  Try doing that at Lake Ashton.  Larry Maxwell wants 3 ½ % of the sale.  He gets more than the person  that sells the home.  That is why you can’t place a for sale sign in front of your house.  Its money in his pocket and he does not give a damn about you selling your home.  No side walks at Lake Ashton.  We have two wide side walks 7 ft. wide on each side of the road.  Plus we have a standard wide roadway with a white line on each side of the main road for bicycles.  We even have a walking trial with sidewalks.  Not at Lake Ashton, you have nothing.   Lake Ashton is a “Walk in the road community“.   At Lake Ashton there are approx 75 homes for sale in a community of 1200 homes.  Here in this community you have less than 10 homes for sale out of approx 1200 homes.  This alone tells you something.  People love it here and made a very wise choice.    The  driveways in front of each home are over 45-60ft long.  Larry Maxwell tries to cut corners just to save money in his pocket.  I had to park my truck in the arc of the garage door to make it fit in the driveway.