Thursday, April 4, 2013

Open Letter to LA HOA BOD and all LA Residents

To:  HOA BOD and All LA Residents
Please advise the status of MX.  As you know, your attorney, (Dan Perry) who protects only the BOD and not the residents, has collected a substantial about of money, from Residents; to date, we are unaware of a case being filed, yet the collection process goes on. Is this just a joke and a way for your attorney to scam money from residents?
If you were doing your due diligence, you would have sourced another attorney, that would have informed you that this process has been blown out of portion and is just another scam.
Your AdHoc Committee

Open Letter to All Lake Ashton Residents

Open Letter to All Lake Ashton Residents
To the CDD
You were advised last year, by our committee; that the $550,000 spent on road repair, would be ineffective and that it would have to be redone the following year for the same or greater cost, since it only addressed a symptom vice the cause of our failing road system.
Additionally, roadways not addressed continued to further decline. 
You had an opportunity, while the developer was still here, to address this major construction failure, legally.   Yet, based upon two CCD members, you failed to do so as a result of the private, financial and personal agendas with the developer.
Is it possible that you are interested enough in this community now, to now listen to an asphalt company with solid credentials, take their advice and implement, before, you bankrupt this community.
Your AdHoc Committee at work 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can you belive the arrogance of some golfers ...

12 March 2013
This note is in response to an anonymous, harassing letter I received from 16 of your golf members, (copy provided below) which I have turned over to the Sheriff’s office for finger printing, identification and prosecution.  
This anonymous letter from cowards highlights the extent of their arrogance and disregard for private property.  I request that golf members who are caught trespassing, be removed from future play and banned from play at the Lake Ashton Golf course and that they lose any and all membership fees.  
Please post this anonymous harassing letter in conjunction with this letter. 

You and your golf course players need to read, understand and heed, the below article; I will hold both the Trespasser and the Golf Course accountable, when players trespass into my property. Ignorance is no excuse.  
As you know, I have been in contact with you for some time now and you have done nothing, as I can ascertain, to instruct your members accordingly.  
Please post this letter in your spaces so that EVERY Golfer can be made aware.
No home owner should have to tolerate people walking all over ones property, in between homes, not to mention those who look/glare, ‘peak’ into windows etc ..  
R Earl
Copy to:  Lake Ashton Golf Course
Southwest Florida Water Management District
Nichols, Bergere, Zauzig & Sandler, P.C.,
Summary of article:  NOTE:  TRESPASS; GOLF COURSES:  Recurrent entry of golf balls onto Homeowners’ property constitutes a continuing trespass.  There is no viable "House on the Golf Course" defense.   You can't claim the owner was asking for it when he bought that beautiful house on the 12th fairway.  Also, the existence of property insurance is NEVER determinative in assessing liability.  You can’t even mention the existence of an insurance policy in court except as evidence to establish ownership.  There are no ifs and or buts about it, if you break someone’s window with your golf ball… run away like a child and deny it was you… I mean break out your checkbook and pony up.
Mr. Richard Earl
3064 Dunmore Dr.
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Dear Mr. Earl,

I represent a group of 16 golfers, who play almost daily, on the Lake Ashton

We have noticed that very often, as we play the 16th hole of The East
Course, your lawn sprinklers are running, in direct violation of Southwest
Florida Water Management District water restrictions. Since this seems to
be an ongoing practice, on your part, we feel it is our responsibility to report
each and every such violation to the proper authorities.

We recognize that you have the right to irrigate on Thursdays and
Sundays before 10:00 AM and after 4:00 PM, and we will certainly ignore
irrigation usage during those windows. But for all other days, your violations
will be promptly reported.

We hope that you will take this as merely a "heads-up" and conform to the
requirements of the city, for the good of all residents.

Yours truly,
The Committee For Responsible Water Usage