Monday, April 15, 2013

"Our Home" Page 1 in a series of 5

When I first moved into Lake Ashton, I thought it was the greatest community in Florida.  Little did I know about all the corruption that was going on in this community.  I should have known when we was planning to build our home.  We had been over charged $5,000 on the building cost.  Apparently they could not add up the square footage of the home.  After we found out that the taxes on a RV home was out of sight they kept our down payment of $7,000 after we back out.  Anyhow we settled on a used home.  In the mean time Joe Hunter was firing the employees of Lake Ashton right and left.  Then we were told that NO pick-up trucks were allowed in your driveway and must be parked in the garage.  The garage length was much too small for the ext. cab pick-up that I had.  Even the driveway was too short.  The developer was always thinking of ways to save money and not for the interest of the home owner.  Now I had a fight on my hands because I had a pick-up and so did many others.   I notify the Ledger and they wrote an article about pick-ups in Lake Ashton.  The CDD back-off and we the pick-ups owners could park our pick-ups here again.  No rest at all but trouble, and more trouble ahead.