Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I just love to go fishing and so many other residents love fishing.  The only problem, they are spraying herbicides in a public lake.  They have no right and are violating the laws of Florida.  Would you like to eat fish with full with herbicides.  I call “do Nothing” Joe Hunter and he said nothing about what he would do to stop the spraying.  What a ZERO.  What in hell does this guy do besides nothing?  NOTHING!  Solute the American flag?  I called the state and thy agree with me and they send a letter to the Management.  The spraying of Herbicides was ended.  They just don’t give a damn about your health and your enjoyment.  Its all about money.  Not a private community but a big public community.  Everyone is welcome, even the persons wearing a black mask.  Why are these people allowed to come into the community?  Is it money?  The answer is yes, and who’s pocket is it going to.  Wise up residents, and read between the lines.   Problems and more problems to come, never ends.