Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricia Adams

Tricia Adams is telling everyone to be a good neighbor by reporting your guest at the clubhouse activities desk.  How is this possible?  If you don’t, is she going to ban you from the clubhouse?  This amenities is a slap in the face.  They want to know who is in your house?  I say it is none of their damn business.  This is not a community but a control community by the lairs and thief’s that are running it.  See page 11 of the November issue.  First it was the MX, roads, no sidewalks, ban from writing to June Young web site, High storage fees, Do nothing Joe Hunter, Now Tricia Adams, Short driveways, Pick-up trucks, what is next?  No one has the guts to say anything.  Now there are a large number of homes for sale, I wonder why.