Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Veterans for a Strong America
"The SEALs removed one threat to America, now it's time for the voters to remove the other." - Retired Navy SEAL Brad Nagel
Former Navy SEALs Brad Nagel, Scott Taylor, Ryan Zinke and Benjamin Smith in Veterans for a Strong America's expose.Veterans for a Strong America has filmed a shocking interview with Navy SEALs who tell the TRUTH about the Obama Administration and the incredible danger it poses to America.
These guys know the facts. They were silenced by their service. But they refuse to remain quiet any longer. The stakes are simply too high.
"Obama's love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood poses a clear and present danger to America, but worst of all are the lies and failure to act, especially in Benghazi, that got my buddies KILLED," says Brad Nagel, 20 year Navy veteran and former SEAL.
Newly released emails indicate that the Obama White House KNEW WITHIN 30 MINUTES of the initial uprising that the American Embassy in Benghazi was under full terrorist attack. An American drone reportedly sent the State Department situation room real time footage of the jihadist assault. As State Department officials watched the bloody, clearly pre-planned and well organized attack unfold; our Commander in Chief refused to take action. It has been further reported that instead of staying in the situation room, the President retired to his quarters for an early bed time, leaving horrified State Department personnel alone with the live feed horrors from Benghazi.
Of the four killed during that 7 hour battle, 2 of the people died in the final hour. Ty Woods, a former SEAL teammate of Nagel's was one of the last to die. "Ty ran his weapon dry and killed 50 jihadists before he was taken down. If this Administration had used the intel they had and sent help, my friend might still be alive" said Nagel.
Other SEALs are just as furious with Obama.
"If Obama sent Ambassador Stephens to a death sentence mission in Benghazi; what will he be willing to do to the American people to appease what appear to be deep Muslim Brotherhood ties?" - asked former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith.
We were silenced during our years in the service. But the oath we took to protect and defend the Constitution DEMANDS that we speak out now, to protect America.
For America,

Joel Arends
Veterans for a Strong America