Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tricia Adams must resign! Go back to Bok Towers

Trish Adams must resign from this community and she can hold hands with Joe Hunter, the biggest lair in the state of  Florida.   This guy accused me of placing my card on Golf carts  I did not do.  He accused me three times, the last time I was in Boston, how would this damn Joe Hunter, ex community director explain this?  Who do you see?  You can't go to anyone to explain it.  No one will listen, and no one cares.    I send all the HOA and the CDD letters and got no response.  No one is interested in the truth.  This Lake Ashton Management is only interested in lies and will do anything to keep the truth from getting out.  Have you notice after I got hold of the media on the alligator attack they suddenly acknowledge the fact 6 days later.  No, they don't want anyone to know the truth. What a hell of a rotten place to live with lairs and thief's and if they don't like you they will ban you for months or years.  They only think of themselves and no one else.  Wake up residents and look at the truth.