Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Ashton never mention this alligator or Mr Miller encounter with the 9' alligator.  They just don't want anyone to know that there are man eating alligators here.  They just want to keep it a secret.  They don't care how many lives are lost just has long they bring in the money.  This happen almost a week ago on April 25 and it just happens when I contacted Bay news 9 and Lake Wales news early this morning they got wind of these news people coming over.   Suddenly they posted it on their web site and also closed golfing.  What a bunch of dishonest and lairs these people here.  If it wasn't for me no one would know about this incident.   Lake Ashton tells no one.  Nothing like this ever happens here. The management walks on water and sinks.  I hope the alligators get them.  They ban me for telling the truth here at Lake Ashton for four months.  They hate my blog