Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Al Miller, the golfer.

I wish to thank Bay News 9 and the Lake Wales Newspaper on the news story of the alligator attack on Al Miller, the unwittingly golfer who was attacked  by a hungry alligator who just missed his dinner.

The sad thing about this is the management (the rat pack) did not mention this encounter to any one.  You, the resident of this community are not supposed to know about this at all.  Only good things happen here.  June Young, the woman that controls the Lakeashtonliving web site  took upon herself to removed the residents web site, now there is no way except by word of mouth the news gets around.  What would happen if  Al  Miller never made it thru the ordeal?  Do you think they care?

Lake Ashton was spraying gallons of herbicides in Lake Ashton lake.  I called them about it and they simply laugh at me. Finally I called the state and they put a stop to it.  Herbicides is no longer being sprayed into the Lake as far as I know.  Lots of us are fisherman here and we eat the fish we catch.  Herbicides is like agent orange, it kills you.

Chinese  drywall was located in Lake Ashton and would you believe the developer Larry Maxwell company went bankrupt soon afterwards.  They just don't care about you, its all about making money regardless  on how many lives it cost. 

How many lives would have been lost if it wasn't for my blog telling the residents has to what is really going on here at Lake Ashton.  Many residents just don't believe me and call my blog crap.  What do they want me to say, its raining pennies from above.  Now they ban me from using the club house for 4 months because of my blog.  The blog  they want no one to read.