Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trish Adams, the wicked witch

What has she done since she was employed by this community.   NOTHING!  When I tried to bring in a show for Give kids the world she said you will have to pay $375.00 for the ballroom.  She knew who I was going to bring in so she thought she could bring him in on her own and keep the money.  I told her if you do I will sue you for a finders fee.  I did not hear any more from her.

I wanted to bring in a group of young girls at Christmas time to sing and dance for the residents at coffee time on Monday.  She said I would have to talk to Margo Stevens because she has a chat talk  later that morning.  Margo says her chat was more important than a bunch of girls dancing and singing.  Once again I was put down by the dumbest people here in this community.

I had the Elvis show three years ago and I had to put up with the witch.  It was not easy.  Now the witch has ban me from the clubhouse for 4 months because I left my card promoting my web site.  This rat pack of people just don't want anyone to know what is going on in this community.  SHUT UP OR ELSE!