Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trish Adams and the management just don't like my blog

They don’t like my blog called lakeashtontalk.blogspot.com telling the residents of Lake Wales what is really going on in here at Lake Ashton.  There are well over 500 business cards in the library so I left mine with all the others.   The only problem is that they don’t like me and my Blog telling  the residents the news has to what the real truth is in this community.  They also accuse me of placing my business card on the golf carts 3 times outside in the parking lot.   The last time I was out of state in Boston/Maine when this happen. 

They claim my card is subject to their policies, under section 21 that states commercial advertisements shall not be posted or circulated in the amenity facilities.  My card does not sell anything but simply tells the residents of this community  the truth has to what is going on here, and they ban me for four months.  Don’t they know how to read?  What they are really saying is shut up Mr. King and shut off the blog or we will be on your back as long as you live here.

Another time the police were called about a AK-47 being in my home.  They came over knocking on my door looking for my AK-47.  I told them you must be crazy anyhow come on in  and please be free to look around.  They found no AK-47.  The management or the CDD of this community will do  anything to shut me up. 

When Paul Pontious took over Bingo by force from Jesse Helms, Jesse came him all the money he had approx $11.000.  Paul took the money and  now its all missing.  Paul kept tens of thousands of dollars from the Bingo players and took all his Bingo helpers to a Brazilian restaurants in Orlando by a rented bus.  All  Bingo helpers get 50% off their Bingo cards.  This is illegal.  He also went out to dinner many, many times with his friends and paid the bill with Bingo money.  He also fill his gas tank with gas and bought food for his house with Bingo money.  I have all 5 banks accounts and over 20 pages to prove it.   Never gave a  red cent to a public charity, never paid his State and Federal tax.  He had a illegal 50/50.   We  hired a  Attorney  and he was able to get copies of all FIVE bank accounts of Bingo.  Yes, thousands of dollars is missing.  Also no books of any kind was kept of the winnings of money being taken in or money being spend.
Bingo Paul was able to write a full page editorial in the Lake Ashton Times when it clearly stated only 150 words or less was allowed.  Trish Adams is in charge of the LA Times and its who you know.  I tried to write a few articles in the LA Times but they were never posted.  I had the Elvis show at the clubhouse for charity, Give Kids the world,  and wrote about how the people reacted.   She did not post it.  .
Also the Management, CDD are keeping out refund tax money from the city of Lake Wales of  $190,000.00.   This money belongs to the residents of Lake Ashton.  Not them, us.  The Club house is a meeting place and it should not be taxed and we won the case. But we the residents never got our refund.  Its being kept somewhere.  Some residents have moved out and will never received their refund.

I have done a lot for this community including the ban of herbicides being sprayed in Lake Ashton on April 16, 2008.  The Management was advised that they were in violation of spraying herbicides in Lake Ashton.    They did not like this.  They wanted to kill the weeds in the lake to make it look good for the golf players but they didn‘t care about us eating the fish fill with herbicides.    Also when it rains the banks would fall into the stream that feeds Lake Ashton and make the lake muddy.  I called the state again and they had to plant bushes and trees around the banks to keep the mud from flowing into the lake..  Now they ban me for 4 months from the clubhouse.  Herbicides being in the lake with the fish we catch.  What will it do to us years down the road after eating this fish.  Remember agent orange?  The government said it does no harm.  Years latter we found out.

I wanted to give a charity show again and give all the profit to Give Kids The World like I done a few years ago when I had the Elvis show,  I gave $1,500.00. To give kids the world.  I wanted to put on  another charity show but they said you must pay $750.00 for use of the clubhouse.    I said this is a non profit charity show.  They refuse me.  They claim it took away from their entertainment series.

The management and the CDD gets 50% off their meals at the restaurant and why should we  the residents pay the rest.   

Trish Adams is now in total control of this community, she is related to the developer Larry Maxwell by marriage.  And as I understand they are a ruthless group of people that are very hard to deal with.  They are dishonest and not truthful.

Out maintenance fees are now reaching $1,900.00 from $800 ten years ago.  We have more homes, approx 1,000 and we still have to pay more.  This makes no sense.  We still have the same old clubhouse.
This community use to have a place for everyone to post our problems called lakeashtonliving.net.  Run by June Young and paid by us.  They decided to shut us off their web site and now the residents can no longer post their problems.
We have a thing called MX.  We have to pay the management for cable and ADT even if we don’t want it.
$72.00 a month.  Many of us go north in the winter so we don’t use it.  It is a waste of money and we are being force to pay it
I can go on and on with mountains of wrong doings here at Lake Ashton.  I have all the papers to back up all my stories.  Over 1,000 sheets and still growing, 3” thick.