Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lake Ashton Golfer bitten by a alligator, the rest of the story

A Lake Ashton Golfer  bitten by a alligator on his leg early this week while he was playing golf near the RV storage unit.  The pond was located 10 feet away when suddenly the alligator jump out of the water and grab the golfer by his leg  and dray  him into the water.  The golfer's friends quickly used their golf club and poke at his eyes and hitting him at the same time.  The alligator quickly let go of the golfer's leg and quickly swam away back into the water.  It seems that this alligator was being feed by a lady that lived nearby.  The game warden is now investigating the incident.  "You don't feed the alligators" he said.  The management of this community will not tell you about the golfer and the alligator because it will cause a  loss in business.  Things like this does not happen here at Lake Ashton.  Same with a home gets broken into.  Business is more important to them than the guys leg.    The golfer is now in intensive care and his leg is very much swollen and infective from the bite.    X-Rays are difficult to take because his leg his very much swollen from the bite.  This golfer should sue the developer because no signs were present where this accident took place.