Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stand your Gound Law

George Zimmermam thought he was a hero, he shot and killed Trayvon Martin because he was warning a hood over his head.  Dumb has it sounds but lets look at the facts.  George was in his truck when he saw Trayvon, he called the police dept and they told him to back off.  He did not and proceed to follow Trayvon and somehow got into a fight with him and shot and killed him.  What the hell was he doing with a gun.  This could happen here at Lake Ashton, you have these guys riding around on their golf carts looking for crooks.  This is a big joke.  They only ride around in the daylight hours.  If they did see something, what are they going to do, act like George Zimmermam!  Do you think the people of Lake Ashton will back you up and thank you?  NO  Look at me, I stopped the spraying of herbicides in Lake Ashton and mud flowing into Lake Ashton and also stop the ban on pick-ups and no one thanked me.  This is a thank-less community.  Not only that they ban me for 4 months from the clubhouse.  No one has said a word.  You will get no thanks from no one.  And than you have that cop car riding around, what a joke.  You guys are a bunch of fools.  Go home to your wife and watch TV,  stuff your month and enjoy yourself, no one will thank you..