Monday, April 16, 2012

Margo Steavens and the CDD committee $3,000,000 budget of Lake Ashton

The CDD committee is the most dumbest members ever elected in the History of this commodity.  Margo Steavens has got to be the dumbest of all members.  She has no love for anyone.  She loves the developer and will always protect him. Now you have Carol Pontious who help run Bingo with her husband Paul.  Together they use the Bingo money to buy gas and food for their home and used it to go to high price  restaurants with all her friends.   She is as much as a crook as her husband.   Jake Eaton, a cop with no brains, put this guy in jail, and throw away the key.  Another dumb guy who always looks into things but never comes up with a solution.  Now you have the big money maker Jan Carpenter $1,000 just to sit with the board.  She is useless as a _________.  Get rid of all this trash and you will have a changed, honest  and happy community.