Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack {June Young, Trish Adams, Barb Follett}

The Rat Pack has close the doors to all the on goings in this community.  SHUT UP AND BE QUITE OR GET BAN FROM THE CLUBHOUSE if you have a web site that tells the truth.    Just listen to hear say.  This is their rotten motto and it stinks.  They have zero brains and all should be fired ASAP.  All I got to say is ban the Monday morning coffee meetings with the wicked witch Trash Adams and all her advertisers and ban Bingo, Bingo Paul who  fills his pockets with your money, and buys  free food and gas with Bingo money.  Lets tell them we mean business.  I have all the papers to prove it and I get Ban from using the club house.  They can steal all they want but I get ban for leaving my card at the club house.

Did you see Barb's  story in this month's April issue L A Times on page 11, 2012?  Is her story more important than the death of Jeff Salvin,  who was a elected member of the CDD and president of the CDD. until Barb Follett said you can replace him after one year of service.  Jeff was still a elective member of the CDD when he past away.  NO STORY, NO MENTION AT ALL OF HIS PASSING, JUST WORD OF MOUTH.  WHAT A TRASH OF GARBAGE THE L A TIMES IS.  THEY JUST CAN'T WAIT TO STICK A KNIFE IN YOUR BACK.  Trish Adams must be fired and replace, ASAP.  She is no longer welcome as the witch of Lake Ashton.   We don't want any stripper who leaves her shirt unbutton at the entertainment show, bans residents for using the clubhouse, bans residents for putting on charity shows or refuses to mention the death of Jeff Salvin in the L A Times.  She must go, make no bones about it. 
Larry Maxwell
Yes he stole all the animal heads from the billiard room and I get ban.