Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trish Adams and her lies

I just don't understand how Trish Adams can enjoy watching the undercover video that is mounted on most of the ceiling and walls in the clubhouse.   She loves to spy on all the residents of Lake Ashton.  She loves to see what they are doing.  The developer stole all the animal heads out of the pool room and the residents had to pay to remodel and paint the room.  Thousands of dollars gone and no one said anything.  No body said  nothing.  I left my business card in with all the others and I get ban for 3 months from using the clubhouse.  Why don't she ban the developer.  Maybe she is related.  That's it.  She does not want anyone to know what is really going on at this damn control spy community.  She wants to tell her lies to everyone that comes to the meetings on Monday morning and pay one dollar to lesson to the advertisers and her crap.  Why would anyone live in this type of community?  Walk in the road, no sidewalk community and small driveways.