Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lake Ashton

Lake Ashton is a dump compare to this place.  We have wide cement landscape sidewalks on both sides of the road, long and wide driveways.  No traffic backing up on main entrance road.  Very large clubhouse, twice the size of Lake Ashton.  The heated pool is twice the size of Lake Ashton.  Sidewalks go through the community and by the water's  edge.  Free pop corn at Bingo.  Only $5.00 to play Bingo with a $250.00 jackpot.  Nobody is putting money in their pocket.  Free use of bobbers.  Free coffee every morning along with a free newspaper.  About 50 new homes are now being build this year and many are on water like ours.    No police riding around the community looking for cooks.  No crime here what so ever.  My back door is open all the time to my heated pool.   

Outside our community there are hundreds of new stores and a large super  modern Public, Walmart and Target.  Everything is new.  New New New.  We are 15 minutes from the ocean and what a great day to walk the beach.  This is indeed a wonderful place to live.   This place is +5 stars with Lake Ashton a minus -5.  No Trish Adams or Joe Hunter telling you what to do.  No Van Sickle calling the police on you.   No CDD ash holes telling what the hell is going on.  I am glad all the nuts are staying in the crime community.