Monday, May 20, 2013

road needed repair

No problem.  Residents in the area of a cracking road IN MY NEW COMMUNITY said to developer that the road needed to be repair.  Three days later a crew came and dug a drainage hole with pipe ON EACH SIDE OF THE ROAD and NO resident was  made to pay.  If this was Lake Ashton YOU MUST PAY.  Big difference between this community and Lake Ashton.  Anything that goes wrong in Lake Ashton You Pay.  In Lake Ashton they would only place a new hot top on the road.  Months later you have the same problem.  IDIOTS All roads in Lake Ashton are build on swamp land.  I was there when they dug up the road and all you can see is mud and water under the road.  Where in hell are all the brains?  In storage?  You people have a big problem on your hands.