Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My new community

The main road that enters my new community is lined with resident homes and trees but there are NO driveways leading to this entrance main road.  All homes have 40-50 ft long driveways and a deep garage.   The homes sit back 50 ft from the main entrance road and the homes have their own road in front of their home.   All roads have 6 ft wide cement sidewalks on both sides. Except the entrance road which has 8ft wide sidewalk.  The main road has a white line for bikes and has a scrip of trees between them.  The sidewalks lead to many parks with 4 or more sit down benches in each park.  They also have a very large dog park, acres wide.   They also have many bridges over water canals.  The sidewalks leads to the main canal, lined with beautiful palm trees and bushes on each side of the sidewalk.   You swear you are on an Island.  The canals are full of birds and alligators.  I just love to walk this beautiful sidewalk lined with trees, bushes and benches.  There are always someone walking on the trail and are very friendly.   This is indeed a 60 plus community where the management was thinking about the residents, not money.  No covenants, MX, CDD, patrol  security cars, golf security carts running around, or elections.  Every morning you can go to the clubhouse and have a free cup of good tasting coffee with a free USA newspaper, about a dozen on the table  from 8AM to 11AM.  We have Bingo twice a week, residents only,  public is not allowed.  Free popcorn and all Bingo cards are $5.00.  Prizes are 3-4 at $250, 2-3 at $100 and 6-8 at $50.  This community is a thousands times more friendly andv better managed and much better design than Lake Ashton.  They are building about 50-100 homes now.  There are over 1000 homes here.  This community is surrounded with beautiful homes, and a large wildlife area and another community next to us are all million dollars homes and a golf course.   Just a mile or so from RT 95, 5 miles from the ocean.  So beautiful here birds by the hundreds, many rabbits in my front yard and all the maintenance is done by the management and free water for your lawn.  We made the best decision of our lives and we will never go back to a community that is full of lies and distrust and is run with money always on their mind, not the residents,  no sidewalks, small short driveways and small garages.  A developer who takes his animals heads down for his own used, and not the enjoyment  of residents.    I will never recommend anyone to live in Lake Ashton, a community surrounded by crime, trash homes and very little to do in the area.  There are hundreds of stores and restaurants in this area and a modern Public store.  Now you know the rest of the story.  What is so damn good about Lake Ashton?  No one has been able to give me a answer!