Saturday, April 27, 2013

Community motto

Simply the best.  BULL SHIT!  Has spies called the ARC committee, they spy on the residents.  What the hell are they thinking, you are going to start a used car business.  They call this a gated community.  Hell anyone can drive in.  Its not a private community, its public.  The public drives on the roads and you pay for maintenance.  NO SIDEWALKS, you walk in the road.  Little short driveways.  Just enough space to park your car if your lucky.  Narrow public roads, cheap build homes, very poor design.  they have a book of covenants, approx 50 pages you must follow.   They won't tell you if your looking for a house to buy.  They force you to pay for MX, cable and security.    If you don't use it you still pay.  A lawyer was hired 2-3 years for thousands of dollars and its still on the books.  No one is interested in running for a seat.  You have no choice.  On Monday morning meetings residents go to hear what paid advertisers have to say.  Residents being attack by alligators, homes being broken into, mail being stolen, books stolen from clubhouse.  Even the developer took all the animal heads from the billiard room, and we was left to repair the damage.    Residents accuse of things they did not do.  Bingo Paul Pontious and his right hand man Joe Ferreira  has the right to call residents at their home "idiots".  He even mail letters to the spouse telling them you should leave.  On and on and this crap will never end.  "Simple the worst".