Monday, November 19, 2012

>> >> >> >> WHO IS BLACKMAILING WHOM? >> The idea behind keeping your moral integrity intact if you are in the >> military is that, if you don't, you could be blackmailed into endangering >> the >> security of the United States. Right? So the FBI steps in, getting a sniff >> >> of General Patraeus' extramarital affair some months ago and starts >> investigating him and his paramour. The fear is that the paramour could >> blackmail >> the General, or that someone else might blackmail the General for national >> >> secrets, threatening to tell his wife of the affair. Got that so far? If >> you >> are in the military, you don't cheat on your spouse. It is part of the >> military code of conduct. Simple and straight forward. >> >> But General Patraeus is no longer in the military. He has been serving as >> the CIA Director and had retired from the military. I don't know >> positively, but I would expect the CIA has similar conduct rules on this >> subject. No >> one I've heard says so, though. >> >> Time goes by and no one exposes the General's conduct to the public. Does >> the FBI tell the President? Does the FBI tell Leon Panetta, Defense >> Secretary? Probably both. But it is inconvenient to reveal General >> Patraeus' >> unbecoming behavior before an election. And besides, there is a little gun >> >> running scheme by the CIA going on in Libya, something the General knows >> about >> and is likely handling for the President's plans. He knows too much about >> something which the public knows nothing. >> >> Then, Sept. 24th, there is an attack on the CIA station and American >> Ambassador in Benghazi. Four men are left high and dry by our defense >> department. No one lifts a finger to try to help the men who are under >> attack. >> Someone, we don't know who, demanded our military stand down and do nothing >> to >> save those four men. At the same time, the Obama administration goes public >> >> saying the attack was caused by a stupid, homemade video. Our UN >> Ambassador, >> Susan Rice, is commanded by the President to appear on 5 different news >> programs and announce the video was the problem and that the attack was >> likely just a spontaneous mob action. Even Patraeus says the same thing. >> Hillary >> Clinton, Secretary of State goes public with the same lie. The entire >> administration proceeds to commit a public fraud by lying about this attack >> and >> subsequent murders of the four Americans in Libya. But Patraeus knows the >> truth. He knows the attack is a planned terrorist attack. And he knows who >> >> told the military to stand down. He has the goods on the administration. >> >> So the FBI has the goods on General Patraeus. Conversely, General Patraeus >> >> has the goods on the President and his cohorts in crime. Obama, being a >> mobster from Chicago, and who has the ethics of the Coreleone family, knows >> >> how to play this game. The thing to do is discredit Patraeus before the >> General has a chance to blow the whistle on who let our Americans die at >> the h >> ands of terrorists without so much as a fly-by random shot. Kaboom...two >> days after the election we get the announcement that General Patraeus has >> been >> having an illicit affair and is resigning as Director of the CIA. He's >> done. He is discredited. No one could possibly believe him now. >> >> We have a lying President, a lying Defense Secretary, a lying UN >> Ambassador, and a lying Secretary of State. We have a General with a >> checkered spot >> on his uniform and a mistress who is leaking information. Now today, we >> have a Lebanese set of sisters in Florida who have supposedly been the >> source >> for the FBI on the Patraeus affair. But the Lebanese set of sisters are in >> >> debt up to their eyeballs and could very well be targets of blackmail by >> the FBI or the administration as well. >> >> With me so far? >> >> Bottom line. We have a snake pit for a government with cheaters and liars >> in all of these major positions of power. All of them could be blackmailing >> >> each other. The really bad joke is President Obama recently talking about >> "trust" being a major function of governing. If it weren't for four dead >> Americans and the complete loss of American trust in governing officials, >> this might be funny. At the least, as so many are pointing out, this could >> be >> one helluva great HBO series, novel, or movie. >> >> Who is blackmailing whom? Seems to me they are all blackmailing us. They >> are still on salary with the American taxpayers footing the bill. The House >> >> of Representatives, our representatives, and our Senators are scratching >> their heads and wondering what to do with this debacle. Well, if they don't >> >> know what to do....some of the American people could tell them what to do. >> >> Meanwhile there are petitions from all fifty states to secede from the >> United States of America. These actions may not end up in secession, but >> surely to heaven someone is noticing that people are not happy out here. Do >> you >> think? >> By Cheryl Pass