Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tricia Adams and her monthly column in LA Times

I have gotten many reply's from my readers about registering your guest and her column by a no brainier Tricia Adams. What does she think we have for a guest, a terrorist. Not only do you have to go shopping for food that morning for the guest, and when you get home you must call the security gate and let them know you have a guest coming. After all this, you have to drive down and register your guest at the activities office. What happens if its on the weekend? Nobody is there at the desk. Tricia what is your home phone number? She has no brains and should be fired. ASAP I call this place the Lake Ashton institution. Eric Nelson, a resident of this community, seems to think this is great idea to register your guest and ban the pick-up trucks in this community. He is telling everyone to mind their own business. I bet he has never register his guest or own a pick-up truck. I believe he stuffs his mouth with pop corn and watches the cartoons on TV and users the L A Times as toilet paper. He has never done anything for this community, he says. Zero! Yes, we do have many idiots living in this community. They are incapable of thinking.