Sunday, October 14, 2012

From: Grassfire Nation

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edmund, thank you for signing Grassfire Nation's petition demanding Congress thoroughly investigate the deadly terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya. Grassfire is moving quickly mobilize at least 50,000 citizens who are eager for answers - about what the Obama administration knew prior to and shortly after the attacks.

Please forward the below message to your friends and urge them to join you by clicking below and signing our petition.

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Dear friend,

Since the September 11 attack on our consulate in Libya, the Obama administration has yet to publicly acknowledge that this was a planned terrorist act committed by Muslim militia.

Instead of publicly condemning the deadly attack that killed four U.S. citizens, Obama has used his administration and the media to convince the public that the attack was a "spontaneous reaction" to an anti-Islam video - an assertion that was quickly proven false.

Why hasn't Obama condemned the act for what it is?
Why is he trying to mislead the American public?
Is the Obama White House intentionally withholding information about this attack in an effort to cover-up the truth about what really led to the murders of these Americans?

As citizens we deserve answers to these and other critical questions that continue surfacing about the assault on our consulate, and I've signed a petition by Grassfire Nation demanding Congress, the Judicial Committee and the Foreign Relations committee fully investigate what was going on before, during and after the September 11 attack.

Furthermore, I want to know why our President continues to deny that this was anything but an aggressive terror attack on U.S. soil!

Please add your name to this growing petition by clicking here:

As soon as Grassfire Nation reaches 50,000 signatures, they will hand-deliver the petition to the Judicial and Foreign Relations committees as well as key leaders in Congress.

Don't let Obama and his minions sweep this heinous attack under the carpet. Hold them accountable and demand answers by going here: