Monday, May 14, 2012

All you idiots who go and have coffee with Trash Adams every Monday Morning, The woman who wants to charge me $375 to put on a show for charity, Give Kids The World, refuses me to bring in young dancing girls at Christmas time, had me ban for 4 months from clubhouse, watches every step you take in the clubhouse by way of  closed circuit TV.  She is TRASH.  She shows no respect to the residents of this community, has her shirt unbutton at the shows, you people only go there to hear the vendors sell their products  Many communities give their coffee away FREE.,  This TRASH gets 50% off their meals at the restaurant, we pay the rest.  This my friends is SICK,   SICK.  They should give us the coffee and charge her FULL price.  BAN THE MEETINGS AND BAN THE RESTAURANT.  The management of this community must be replaced.ASAP