Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Afternoon,

It is so refreshing to have someone state what you have in your email to the District Manager.   Your email has been forwarded to each Supervisor.  I find it too bad it could not be sent to all LA 1 residents...

I have never had a problem with those who disagree with me.  As long as the FACTS  stated are TRUE.....When I asked for the person or group responsible for hiding in the dark and placing unsigned fliers under my doormat and on the Coffee tables, you will note NOT A PERSON MOVED to answer my request.   When I asked Joe Hunter how he could permit this, he simply had NO ANSWER.....This was also brought to Tricia Adams attention to oversee unsigned fliers in LAKE ASHTON clubhouse that are NOT FACTS,  but Lies..  She admitted it should not have happened.   TOO  LATE  TRICIA....IT DID HAPPEN !

Your question should best be answered at the upcoming CDD meeting 8-27-10.  You are correct on everything you stated....

Thank you for your honesty.
John L Chickness SR