Friday, October 1, 2010

Bingo Paul Pontious

Bingo Paul has destroyed this community. He has stolen money from the Bingo players, violated the Bingo laws of Florida, and now he has Cops coming to the Bingo games, and to top it all his Wife is running for office on the CDD. Where is Al Capone when you need him. He would feel right at home here at Lake Ashton. I am throwing in the towel, I had enough of Lake Ashton, one of the most corrupt communities in Florida. What a hell of a place to live. Every week a new story comes up and you don't hear about it in the L A Times. This whole place is very much corrupt.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it Odd ??

When thieves get they scramble to place the blame elsewhere ? They are in a maze. Try to shift the attention away from their actions.

NOPE...Don't think it will work this time...Cant find any lies to make up.... I'm sure they will try, Its just their nature.

Watch the fun is about to begin.

The Phantom Resident