Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Candidate Lake Ashton 1 CDD, Seat # 3


Graduate of Purdue University LIMI
Graduate Pittsburgh Automation Institute

Owner of Independent Insurance Agency for 37 years. Top 50 USA Ranking 10 times.

Voice of Radio Station WMBA ( Sports Talk )

Highly sought after public speaker around the USA.

Former High School, College, NBA Basketball Official 24 years.
I am proud to say that in March 2002, Audry and I became the Very First Residents at Lake Ashton. I have had the pleasure, as a FULL TIME RESIDENT, to serve on every board here at one time or another.

I have served the last 4 years as a CDD Supervisor, and have enjoyed serving our residents with Honesty, Integrity, and Trust,

My TOP priority should I be in favor of our residents re-electing me, is to come to the aid of ANY and ALL residents needing my assistance, as I have for the past 4 years.
No resident request should be ignored.

I believe we at Lake Ashton are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to call home.

I believe in Keeping our Assessments in check with GOOD , SOLID, COMPETITIVE pricing for services in every budget area, leaving nothing unexplored.

I believe our Main concerns should be our Property Values along with reduced spending.
It is time for your Board of Supervisors to work together in keeping Lake Ashton a Premier Community. One we should all be proud to be part of.

Your Vote on November 2nd is appreciated ( THANK YOU )
JOHN L. CHICKNESS SR. ( Approved by Candidate )

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