Monday, September 20, 2010

Jack & Brenda Van Sickle

What is it that Jack wants every person in Lake Wales that has a cat must pay $10.00 for a cat license. Does he hate cats? Doesn't he know that cats are indoor pets. Does he like anyone? There is no drought he is not a pussy cat lover. He just loves cops. He even invites them to Lake Ashton to keep a eye on the roads and stop signs and out front to look for speeders. Between Jack and his wife, they sure know how to call the cops. That is just about all they can do. Don't like my blog, call the cops! Don't like the boys playing poker, call the cops! Call the cops Jack. Anyone that votes for his wife who is running for the CDD, who hates poker players must go and seek help or should have their head examined. Its everybody's right to sit down in the club house and play poker without interference's with the cops. What do you want these guys to do, say their daily prayers?

Lets hope Bob Cruz wins over Brenda Van Sickle, call the cops person. We don't need people on the CDD calling the cops for no reason at all. Good luck Bob.

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