Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carol and Paul Pontious

I just can't believe that Carol Pontious has the guts to run for the CDD knowing she was the bookkeeper of her husband's Paul books. Paul stole the bingo money from the Bingo players and bought personal items for himself and for Lake Ashton. Carol knows this and this makes her just has guilty has her husband, also this makes her an accessory to the crime. They both should do hard time in prison. Who would vote for a crook? Lake Ashton is really going down hill with all the crooks running for office. Your vote for Carol is a vote for crime. It is OK to steal, violate the law, write obscene names on people's flier. What is wrong with this guy. She knows what is going on, don't be misled by her soft voice. She has a bad memory has to where all the money has gone. We don't need any more crooks and people with bad memory on the CDD board. Her husband Paul is on the HOA board. Please help us, I don't think president Obama can help us out of this mess.

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