Saturday, March 29, 2014

my candidacy

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the position of the CDD of Lake Ashton in Lake Wales, Fl.  I will follow the steps of the late Jeff Salvin.  My main goal is to weed out the crooks, thief’s,  liars, dummy’s and the undesirables that are now presently running the CDD here at Lake Ashton.  We can not afford 2 more years of the present leaders.  Each CDD candidate has either  called the police on us, they have stole money from all the Bingo Players, They have chat meetings and give out false information and thinks they know all the answers  (she is still working on the drain pipes), and violated the Lake Ashton amenity’s by placing voting signs all around the club house.  None, not one has any of these CDD members has done anything for the residents of Lake Ashton but cause trouble.

I also wish to make known that no Community district leader director shall have a shirt open that exposes her breast to the residents of Lake Ashton.  That person will be fired.  Also any director caught lying shall also be fired.

Here is what I have done for this community!

1.  I have stopped the spraying of pesticides in Lake Ashton, and the state issue a violation to the management of the community.

2.  I have stopped the flow of mud into Lake Ashton and also the state ordered the management to plant trees and scrubs along the banks of the streams.

3.  I stop the ban of Pick-up trucks here in Lake Ashton, without much help from the residents.  Got the Ledger involved and Channel 10 News.

4. I had the ELVIS show which everyone enjoyed.  It was a sold out crowd.  All money went to Give Kids the World.

I asked the present CDD members what have you done to help people live better here at Lake Ashton?  Answer:  Ban Ed King for 4 months.  The person  who has done more than anyone else in this community.  What a bunch of ???????