Friday, February 28, 2014

We are retired and after 3 years wish to relocate back to be near of children in Georgia. Our problem surfaced when we attempted to sell our home in Lake Ashton. It
appears that we signed away all of our "rights" when we moved in. I know, read the fine print. We put a "for sale by owner" sign INSIDE our garage. We have been threatened with forceful entry to remove same and served with a Summons because we put up a sign and went around "Lake Ashton Resales", which is owned by the developer. The (non-negotiable) 6% commission they charge will go along way in our relocation expenses. The covenants do prohibit signs of ANY kind, yet they only target "for sale by owner" signs while ignoring numerous other violations, including signs. The sign issue has been tested all the way to the Supreme Court and found to violate the First Amendment, yet the harassment continues. Can you assist us?