Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Since we been here we have had 3 free lunches by owner.  If we lived in give me money, no sidewalks community LAKE ASHTON you will never see free lunches or coffee.  We also have free pot luck, free coffee every morning , free movies and shows.   More than 100 homes are now being build and people are moving in before they are done.  Hundreds of new NEW  stores and no trash homes near by.  Wets lands are less than two miles away.  Great fishing just miles away.  This community is so much better.  My mate wants no part of Lake Ashton and she  does not want to go back.  This lake Ashton is crap.  They have no love for anyone.  If you play golf you can play 18 holes for $30.00 or less.  The club house is almost twice the size of Lake Ashton.  I hate going there, Any Community that refuse you to write your own blog and bans you from using the club house is trash.  No way in HELL would I recommend anyone to live in this controlled community. of give me money and they let anybody in.   NO NO this is not a private community.  That is why there are so many homes being broken into and they won't let you know.