Friday, September 6, 2013


Homes are being broken into and I am now receiving many reports that their cars are being broken into ALSO. Mail is being stolen FROM MAIL BOXES. What a hell of a place to live and they don't tell you anything. Now they publish their cost of joining the golf club. $4450.00 for annual Family Membership. Residents are being taken in all directions. Trish Adams sure knows how to screw the residents just like Do Nothing Joe Hunter. What happens if some lady gets rape? What is she going to say? Put on more clothes? No Sidewalks, No bad news coming from their months, great place to live, Simply the Best, work free to deliver their LA Times, police and golf carts ride around the community with no power to do anything. What a hell of a place to live. Where I am, I don't need to lock my doors and I don't see police riding around. Homes are being build 50 at a time.