Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crooked Lake Ashton Community with no sidewalks

Lake Ashton is the most Distrusted and Dishonest Community in the State of Florida.  They ban residents  from their Club House, They don't allow residents to enjoy their clubhouse, NO SIDWALKS, They want you to walk in the road.  You must pay for your MX at all times even if your not there.  If you don't pay for your fees, you are fine $100.00.  Ms Adams threw Do nothing Joe Hunter out of the Community Director position and took his place.   Bingo Paul Pontious stole thousands of dollars from the Bingo players and took hundreds of his friends to dinner by bus.  Pot luck is now $2.00 and you bring in the food.  I feel sorry for the residents of this community.  I am so glad I got out.  You can't plant a plant without telling them what plant your planting.  They are still thinking about banning  pick-up trucks.