Sunday, April 7, 2013

Barbara Follett

You WERE the termite of Lake Ashton !  Thank you for leaving.
DO NOT SEND ME ANOTHER EMAIL EVER…………good luck to your new community, hopefully for them it won’t take them long to realize what a pest you are.

This is the  Email that our sweet lady that walks on water send me!  That is why I answer her like I did.  Please be advised that this is the same person that told the CDD to dump the late Mr Jeff Salvin from the CDD as President.  This woman is all 100% Mr Maxwell, the developer and doesn't know anything else.  They make a great couple.  Now we have a bunch of dumb, stupid, JACKASS school teachers running the community, Lake Ashton.  ENJOY  Hey, look what happen to Jack Van Sickle!  Another loser!