Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paul Pontious

Jan 5, 2009 Paul Pontious bought a Lab Top   $854.93

Jan 27, 2007 He gave Joe Hunter , Lake Ashton  Community Director  $640.49 for Bird Riddance for Patio.

Feb 19, 2009 He paid $660.00 to repair the Pavilion

May 2, 2009, Paul Pontious took his friends to the Sizzing grill.   $570.89

Aug 18, 2009 Paul Pontious took his friends to the Sizzing Grill $590.21

Dec 6, 2009 Paul Pontious took again his friends to the sizzling grill.  Cost $889.56  Money from Bingo

Dec 16, 2009   Paul Pontious spend $3654.00 to take his friends to Texas De Brazil by way of bus C & D Tours.  See Statement  Money from Bingo
Jan 9, 2000 he bought Ping Pong Tables $374.49

March 9, 2010 he closed his account  $5,495.21.  Where did this money go? 

He has two new cars in his garage.  Where did the money come from?  Bingo ?

The person that he stole the game of Bingo from gave him $6,000 cash.  This money disappeared.  He paid all dinner bills from unpaid tax money.

HE DID NOT PAY ANY TAXES ON NONE OF HIS INCOME!  Tens of Thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes, not paid