Friday, January 11, 2013

Paul Pontious

Paul has spend thousands of Bingo Money taken his friends out to dinner just so he and his wife can get elected to the CDD and HOA.  This is money from Bingo which should have been given to the winners of Bingo.  Yes, you winners have been short change.  If you look in his garage you will see two new cars.  I would like to see inside his home.  Judd Grady did not press charges but maybe the state will in unpaid taxes.  Lets see what will happen.  I have notify the state on this crime. This is the same guy that called me a idiot at the clubhouse and also in front and in back of my home.  Same guy that mailed me obscene letters to my mate and me   and also wrote "idiot" on the pool room  letter under my name.  This guy will never grow up.  And this guy is in charge of BINGO?