Thursday, November 15, 2012

June Young

Why am I picking on June Young? Here is the rest of the story. She had on her Web site a picture of the damage done on the awning at the club house. I thought it was a good idea to publish it on my web site so my viewers could see some of the damage the storm did to our community. She saw that I publish the picture and ban me from using her web site. This is the crap I go thru in this community. We have a bunch of idiots running our community, and we have also a bunch of idiots living here. I got hold of George Flint and he told June Young you can't do that. I was able to get back on her web site again. Then we had the problem of the pick-up trucks, everyone with a pick-up truck was asking questions, why can't we park our pick-up truck in our driveway and also cursing this community and the CDD. Some people packed up and moved out. With all the E-mails coming in she got sick of all the E-mails and ban posting anything on her web site. Like I said they only want you to read the good things with no complains.