Monday, November 26, 2012

A Crooked Community

Lake Ashton is being recognized as a top contender and a official finalist for the Communities of Excellence awards, Civic Volunteerism and Advocacy and Safety & Security Initiatives. You got to be kidding, who have these people been talking to? The dishonest Management who goes around accusing residents of anything they want? We have no one to talk to. And no place to post our grievances. They only tell us what they want us to hear but we can’t tell them. Sounds like a communist country. This is a 50 plus community yet, there are no sidewalks, you got to walk in the road. Talking about roads, there are more sink holes in the roads than you have fingers on your hand. We are now paying to repair the roads. The roads are cracking up and falling apart because they were build on muddy soil and swamp land. The developer has refuse to repair them. If you are a resident golfer, you must pay $100.00 and you friend will only pay $40.00 because he is not a resident. Makes no sense at all. Storage fee’s are out of sight $50.00/mo plus tax to park your boat or trailer in their parking lot.. We are force to pay a MX fee for cable and ADT of $72.00/mo. With no HD cable or internet service. The clubhouse is now a public building, no taxes are paid on it, yet they ban me for 4 months because of my blog. They just don’t want the truth to come out. The developer went into the billiards room and took all the animal heads off the wall and left us with a large repair bill. Now we need to replace the wallpaper because of the outline of the heads on the wall. He build a bowing alley using second hand or used parts. This fell apart after a few years. He also build it on wet ground and the dampness destroyed the parts. Cost us a great deal of money, over $100,000.00. We have Bingo every Monday night not knowing the extra money was going into the pocket of the person who was running it Thousands of dollars was spend taking all his friends by bus to high price restaurants. Filling up his gas tank, buying food for his home and they don’t do say or do nothing. The Community Director has now been replaced by a relation to the developer. We are still under the control of the developer. Trish Adams has complete control over the LA Times and no story will ever be posted that is a treat to this community, for example, house and car break ins will never be told. The management and the CDD gets 50% off their meals at the clubhouse restaurant. That restaurant is now closed. After I expose Bingo of not paying state , Federal taxes and not given money to Public charity he went around the back of my house and the front of my house, outside the clubhouse and inside the clubhouse and called me a idiot as loud as he could.. I notify management and they did nothing. Reason, he was taking the management out to dinner. We received our taxes ($190,000) back from the city of Lake Wales. This money was never given back to us but is still in the hands of the management. Some residents have sold their homes and will never get their refund money back. It now makes 2 years. If a resident wants to use the clubhouse they have to pay $375.00 even thou they pay their maintenance fee of $1900.00 every year. What are they using this money for? If you use the club house for charity, you still have to pay the $375 because they are to cheap to give to charity just like Bingo with Paul Pontious. Trish Adams must be fired. She does nor respect the residents of this community and she is a relation to the developer.