Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear Florida Homeowner and Condo Owner: 

Another 14 participants in the Nevada construction defect lawsuit scam have pleaded guilty, among them former police officers and a CAM that was doing business as well in Florida. Prosecutors are closing in on the main players. Listen to "On The Commons" today. Senator Mike Schneider is the guest. Schneider and host Shu Bartholomew will be discussing this hot topic.

HOAs in Nevada won a big lawsuit about collection costs. These HOAs were accused of charging more than the law allowed. The court disagreed! Big win for associations. Lawsuits like this were used to scare owners here in Florida trying to make the Safe Harbor provisions in H319 palatable.

Election campaigns here in Florida are heating up. New districts are causing incumbents to fight each other. We need to see that we make sure that our archenemies in the Florida legislature are not getting reelected. See some articles below.

Do you think that banks and/or developers have learned from the real estate crash? I don't think so! More condos are being built -- despite many newly built condos are still being empty -- and we see again the ads screaming: "Buy your own home -- no money down!"