Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Think residenance think

We are all being had by the management of this community.  When you go to the CDD meeting and see a bunch of clowns discussing  Lake Ashton problems at a cost of $2,300.00 this is a joke.  Jan Carpenter and her boss gets $250/hour and each of the CDD board members gets $50.00 an hour.  Add it up.  $2,300 plus!  They voted to ban me for 4 months from a public clubhouse.  They are crazy.  It was all Trash Adams idea, she wants to get her self notice.  I guess exposing part of her breast is not enough.  This management wants you to know nothing, hear nothing and see nothing.  When Al Miller got bitten by the alligator, they never told you until I notify the news media 6 days later.  What a bunch of clowns.  Now you know why I call them the RAT PACK.  BAN THE CDD MEETINGS, COFFEE MEETINGS AND BINGO.   THANKS  LETS TELL THEM WE THE RESIDENTS ARE IN CHARGED.